Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are not only perfect for providing privacy, but they are also environment-friendly due to the materials they are made of; hence, providing us a more comfortable environment and free from unnecessary distractions.

These roller shutters are also lightweight in nature but durable since it is made of an aluminum material consisting of polyutheran foam. This polyutherane foam is responsible for the shutters’ added strength and insulation properties. Now, find out why several people are becoming more interested with this product.

Increased Security

Since roller shutters can make the interior of your home not visible to outsiders, it could protect your home against incidences of burglary.

Regulates Insulation

During the summer months, roller shutters are effective for reducing the effects of the summer heat since it has thermal insulation properties. On the other hand, when the winter months hit, the roller shutters are also useful in making your home warm.

Save Money

Since roller shutters can be used for regulating insulation inside your home, you could possibly reduce the costs of your heating and cooling bills. Aside from saving a few bucks, you could also help save the environment.

Light Filtration and Noise Reduction

It is evident that roller shutters are mainly used for light filtration. However, roller shutters are also found to be effective against noise since it refrains the noise from the outside to sneak inside your home. Expect a reduction in noise if you have roller shutters installed inside your home.

Control Your Environment

Do you know that the rays of the sun could possibly alter the appearance of your furniture including your carpet? The bright color of your furniture and carpet could fade if they are directly hit by the rays of the sun. With roller shutters, it could block the sunlight coming inside your house.

Safe From Bush Fires

Tests have been made in compliance with the CSIRO. It has been found out that roller shutters are safe from the radiant heat of bush fires. In line with this, an appraisal certificate has been rewarded.

Increased Privacy

You could adjust your roller shutters to provide you the privacy you need – day or night. If you fully open your shutter curtain, you could see outside without any unnecessary obstructions of your view.

Easy Operation

There are several ways on how you could operate your roller shutters. This could be manually, electrically, or through the Ozroll Drive System. You could conveniently operate your shutters inside your home for added security.