Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are perfect for both residential and commercial settings with its ease of maintenance and functionality as well as its affordable price. JTS Innovations carries many different types of vertical blinds to fit you perfectly and offer great levels of privacy.

Both light and privacy can be controlled with the wand or chain choices to have vanes rotate to 180° when not opened and quickly open to neatly stack, making way for optimum viewing capacity.

JTS Innovations Vertical Blinds are intended to meet the decorative and functional needs of all customers. What customers would expect from Vertical Blinds are 90mm or 127mm of slat sizes, several alternatives for chain and weight, options like right or left hand bunch, center bunch and center opening and a wide range of choices of fabrics—both designer and traditional ones which match the neat, linear style to complement any room décor.

Light Control

The 180° vane rotation allows complete privacy control and light filtration. When open, vertical vanes are stacked tightly for it to only accommodate a small space thus making way for a great view.


This is ideal for housing developments, commercial applications and public buildings. With Vertical Blinds, it’s possible to have professional functionality without spending too much.

Low Maintenance

Because the blind stays fresh all the time, there’s not much required when it comes to maintenance. Because of the unique design of vertical blinds, regular dusting is not required because it doesn’t collect dust in the first place making it a great choice for those households with members who are suffering from asthma. Cleaning the blinds is usually restricted to a light vacuum and a soapy cloth though it’s fabric-dependant.

Easy to Use

If you want a blind which fits the needs of the whole family, this should be it because Vertical Blinds are smooth and easy to operate. There’s no need to do the heavy pulling even it’s quite large because the blinds are lightweight any way.

Range of Fabric

Either you plan to come up with your own unique style or match the blind with the existing home décor, there should be something for you with a wide range of options when it comes to design, colours and fabric compositions.

Professionally Made

Our Vertical Blinds have unique design and practicality making them perfect for use in sliding doors and large windows. The vertical vanes have equal spacing allowing clean, crisp lines to match and décor.