Rollers & Hollands

JTS Innovations roller blinds have it all. From its design to its practical purposes, a roller blind can satisfy every consumer because of its modern-looking style, its wide range of colours, and its light or heat filtering mechanisms. Contact JTS Innovations for help picking out the perfect set of roller blinds for your home.

We demonstrate to our consumers our dedication to quality through our exclusive use of the Acmeda hardware which is available in the classic chain drive, linked, dual and spring assist. We also have motorised options that are reasonable and economically priced for our consumers such as the exclusive Savi Motors or our renowned brand, Somfy; whereas the JTS Innovations roller blinds are more recommended for consumers who are looking for low-priced blinds yet practical and versatile window covers.

Rest assured, we only manufacture roller blinds that are of high-quality using quality materials which include the standard aluminium roller tube. This can then be paired with panel glides, Romans and verticals for a more stylish overall design.

Blockout Quality

With its well-designed slats, it can manage light filtration better; thus, providing enough shade. When you roll up the blind, it would be tightly kept in place which allows you to have an unobstructed view.

Hassle-free Maintenance

The roller blind always look new and fresh so you could avoid the hassle of cleaning or dusting it regularly. The roller blind is purposely designed not to collect too much dust which could detriment the health of asthma sufferers; hence, this type of blind is a great choice for any households with asthma sufferers. If you want your blind spotless clean, you could wipe it with a soapy cloth or do a light vacuuming.

Simple to Use

This type of blind is very simple to use, which is why it is recommended to be installed in your household. It's lightweight and smooth pulling mechanism is made possible by a spring assist operation which can be easily used even by a child. Expect no noise when pulling down or rolling up the blind. There are also motorised options available for your household.

Range of Fabric Options

You could be fashionable too when you install your blind in your home since there are several fabric options for you to choose from. The interior of your home will not only be decently improved, but you could also protect your home from too much light and heat coming from the sun.

Elegant Design

Your home could wear that contemporary design when you install blinds. Some blinds are simple yet elegant. You could also add other ornaments or embellishments in your blinds for your convenience such as motorisation, base rails, and pelmets.

Dual Roller or Day and Night Options

A roller blind could be used for light filtering during the day. It is an effective sunscreen or light filter. You could also use it during the night to cover your windows for added privacy.

Install It in Any Room

Roller blinds are not picky. They could be installed in any part of your home. You could conveniently install it in your kitchen or even your bathroom. There are roller blinds that are mould and moist-resistant so its functions could still be carried out. With roller blinds, your home could have a decent touch.