Panel Blinds

JTS Innovations Panel Blinds are the best solution for your sliding doors. We offer many different types and styles of panel blinds to fit your home perfectly!

Panel blinds are purposely designed as great modern alternatives to vertical blinds, since panels could be moved with ease through its multiple tracking channels. It is equipped with a very convenient and smooth operating wand that replaces the need for the usual chains or other safety devices. Panels also give off a simplistic yet elegant vibe.

If you are looking for the perfect or ideal window cover, then the panel glides of JTS Innovations could be your best choice since these panel glides can be opened either at the left, right or center. These panel glides are best to install in your large windows and sliding doors.

It is also a good and affordable room divider. When you open the panels, each stack would neatly hold behind each other. On the other hand, if you close the panels, you would have your utmost privacy, light filtration, and even a nice fabric display. In fact, you could choose a matching fabric for your rollers or Romans for the interior décor of your home.


Panels exude a contemporary elegant touch that could suit any window. With its clean and crisp lines, your windows could sport up that stylish look. If you closed the panel glides, it would provide you a great fabric screen. Each panel only takes up minimal space when opened. The panel glides do not only boast of its design, but also of its practical functions. These panel glides could be used for your large windows, sliding doors, or it could be used as an inexpensive room divider.

Low Maintenance

Free yourself from the daily hassle of dusting your panels. Panels only require little maintenance since it always looks fresh. It rarely collects too much amount of dust. It is definitely a great choice for homes with asthma sufferers. You could clean your panels just by wiping it with a wet cloth or a light vacuum.

Easy to Use

Panels glide smoothly which are very suitable for the whole family. There are no troublesome pulling mechanisms. Just open or close it without effort and you’re good to go. Panels are designed to be simple and easy to use.