Honeycomb Blinds

JTS Innovations Honeycomb blinds offer some of the highest levels of insulation against the elements available while maintaining a delicate and sophisticated look. JTS Innovations will help you pick the perfect honeycomb blinds for your budget!

There is no substitute for a well made Honeycomb blind. Their unique use of air pockets built into the JTS Innovations honeycomb blind helps prevent heat from transferring through the blind itself and into your home.

As air is a poor conductor of heat the air pockets inside the Honeycomb blind greatly reduce the amount of heat transferred through to the other side keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The correct use of a quality made Honeycomb blind will greatly reduce your energy bills, putting money back in your pocket. Now that's smart!


Our range of Honeycomb blinds is available in both Blockout and semi translucent fabric to meet your needs. Honeycomb blinds are custom made to a very high tolerance, meaning you will have the absolute minimum gaps on the side for maximum light control at all times.


Honeycomb blinds are just the thing for people with busy lifestyles. Very little is required to maintain them as they need little more than a light vacuum from time to time.

Simple to Use

Operating a honeycomb blind could not be any easier. The smooth rotation of our geared system makes for effortless lifting and lowering of the Honeycomb blind, you'll barely know you're doing it.


Honeycomb blinds are very simple in their functionality allowing the user to lift the blind to any desired position while maintaining a consistent pleated look. Due to their design they are also able to condense themselves into a very small stack at the top of the window allowing for maximum window openness. So you don't lose your view.