Ziptrak Blinds

Do you have a hard time operating blinds? If so, the Ziptrak® track guided blind system could relieve you all of the troublesome work and provide you all of the comfort, shade, wind and UV protection. Aside from these practical functions, this elegant blind would also add beauty to any structure like your home or office.

You won’t be disappointed with the Ziptrak® track guided blind system because it is made with slotted tracks that enable the blind to glide smoothly and easily, and it stops at any position. You could secure and lock the blind in a down position so that your home or office could be protected against the high winds and ultraviolet rays of sun. You won’t need any zippers or buckles to do these tasks. It’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your veranda or patio against the wind and rain even while enjoying the outdoor views, you could use a clear or tinted PVC. A signage could also be applied directly to your blind which greatly helps in increasing your business visibility among potential consumers.

We make sure that our blinds are carefully sourced, designed and manufactured to be able to grasp the most trusted and highest quality product that could satisfy any commercial, retail and residential customers.

Easy to Use

We created this revolutionary blind so that you could be free of the time-consuming task of packing away your outdoor blinds. Aside from being convenient and trouble-free, our blinds are designed to deliver its practical purposes to protect you from the sun or wind. Ziptrak® is so easy to use and anyone could operate it.

Ziptrak® is also equipped with a special spring balance system for effortless retraction, making it stop in any position. If you want Ziptrak® to be more convenient to use, you could have the remote operated electric motor which makes everything simpler.


Ziptrak® blends in any type of home or business you have since it is composed of a unique system that boasts of its features such as high quality aluminium extrusions which are powder coated according to your desired colour. There are also available customised Ziptrak® pelmets for your increased protection and for a more premium look. These pelmets could be neatly integrated with your existing architecture.

Ziptrak® could also help you increase the exposure of your business since its flat surface could be used as a signage. For homes, Ziptrak® has several available quality fabric options that are guaranteed to be durable and wind resistant.

Environmentally Friendly

Ziptrak® also helps you minimize your energy costs through keeping your home or office warmer during the winter, or cooler during the summer months.